Aln & Coastland Parishes Giving

As part of  the Church of England we are actively engaged with the life of each of our communities and not just with active churchgoers.

Each parish church has to maintain its own buildings, and pay its own running costs. In addition, each parish makes a contribution to a Diocesan Common Fund, which pays for the stipends and pensions of all the clergy, and serves as a means by which richer parishes can subsidise the work of those that are working in deprived parts of the diocese.

Our income for the ordinary running costs of the church is not only reliant on the congregation, but from fund raising events throughout the year. There are four ways in which you can make a difference week-by-week or month-by- month.

  • Regular giving in church using a Gift Aid envelope if you are a tax payer.
  • Regular giving by standing order with a Gift Aid declaration if you are a tax payer.
  • Signing up to the Parish Giving Scheme.
  • Payments using the Contactless Terminal in church.

You can also make donations though to the churches and their appeals and links to giving pages are listed here:




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Parish News:

Message from the Bishop of Newcastle on VE 75 Anniversary

A message from Right Reverend Christine Hardman Bishop of Newcastle on 8th May 2020 the 75 anniversery of VE Day. 


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Parish Events:

Thought of the Week

If we understand suffering to be whenever we are not in control, then we see why some form of suffering is absolutely necessary to teach us how to live beyond the illusion of control and to give that control back to God and the flow of reality.